Frequently Asked Questions


I need to barcode my product - where can I obtain the barcode number?

The only legal place to obtain a barcode number is the organisation called GS1. (GS1 existed under the name UCC or Uniform Number Council in US and EAN in the rest of the world).


Why do I have to enable cookies to access my account?

We use cookies to uniquely identify your web browser and login session after you enter your username and password. These cookies do not store your password or any other private information, and are perfectly safe to keep.


Why company prefix and item reference number are approximative?

GS1 (ex EAN and UCC) assign variable length prefixes to their member companies. This is why it is impossible to establish the prefix length empirically. We however choose mostly used values by default.


For ISBN-13 Symbol - what is the price add-on?

Price add-on is an additional barcode encoding pricing information that is placed on the right side of the main ISBN-13 Symbol.
In the United States price add-on is commonly used to indicate suggested retail price. However price that can be indicated is limited by USD 99.99. For United States price add-on must be composed as follows: first digit is the number 5 which indicates U.S. dollars. Following 4 digits encode the price without dot or comma. For prices that a greater than USD 99.99 add-on number is 59999. In case price is not established (zero price add-on) a code 90000 is used.
In Europe price add-on is not commonly used.


I have an UPC-A number, how do I convert it to EAN-13?

UPC-A number is based on GTIN-12 and has 12 digits. EAN-13 is barcode symbol for GTIN-13 and contains 13 digits. You can convert UPC-A to EAN-13 by prepending a leading zero. Example: 123456789128 (UPC-A) converts to a matching 0123456789128 (EAN-13).