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ISBN-13 Barcode with price add-on

Digital Master-files for ISBN-13 Barcodes

ISBN-13 barcodes are required to sell at the Point-of-Sale worldwide or through the online marketplaces such Amazon.

ISBN-13 Digital Master-files include:
  • Postscript (EPS) or vector images that can be scaled without loosing their exact dimensions
  • Raster JPG, GIF, PNG images in multiple resolutions
  • Standard magnification factor from 80% to 200%
  • Standard bar-width reduction to compensate ink-spread during printing process
  • EPS files include normative embedded OCR-B human-readable font
  • Unlimited downloads with all the avilable option combinations per ISBN-13 number.
  • All purchased ISBN-13 master files include option to generate ISBN-13 with price add-on free of charge.
  • Convert your old ISBN-10 number to ISBN-13
Barcode image

Excel Spreadsheets

Stop generating your UPC-A numbers one by one and verifying the check digits - download all of them in the spreadsheet format.

Our Excel Spreadsheets options:
  • Start with chosen EAN / UPC / ISBN number
  • Generate series of 10, 100, 1000 sequential numbers
  • Download spreadsheet to internally maintain product attributes
  • Spreadsheet links to the given EAN / UPC / ISBN images

Generate spreadsheet with barcode ranges for Amazon Marketplace and Ebay

Excel Spreadsheet

Excel Spreadsheet

Amazon Check

Validate if this product is being sold by Amazon:

  • Amazon DE: requesting: ...
  • Amazon ES: requesting: ...
  • Amazon FR: requesting: ...
  • Amazon IT: requesting: ...
  • Amazon UK: requesting: ...
  • Amazon US: requesting: ...


Label printing

Print your barcodes on labels

Easily print your barcodes on labels at your office printer. Choose among a variety of standard label sizes. Available sizes can successfully print all our barcode types. Quick and affordable solution for your everyday needs.


18 or 24 labels per page


16 labels per page

ISBN-13 with price

24 labels per page


Every account includes following features:

  • Validate ISBN-13 barcode numbers.
  • Automatically calculate/correct ISBN-13 check digit.
  • Manage lists of the ISBN-13 barcodes and associated publications.
  • Manage BISAC Subject Headings to classify your publications.
  • Generate lists or series of ISBN-13 numbers exporting them into Excel Spreadsheets.
  • Print labels of your barcodes in a variety of standard sizes.