ISBN-13 Barcode Symbol

The International Standard Book Number, ISBN, is a unique commercial book identifier barcode. Since January 1, 2007, ISBNs are of 13 digits, like in Bookland EAN-13.

Currently, the barcodes found on the backs of books (or inside front covers of mass-market paperbacks) are EAN-13; they may have a separate barcode encoding five digits for the currency and recommended retail price. "978" the Bookland "country code", is prepended to the ISBN in the barcode data, and the check digit is recalculated according to the EAN13 formula. 13-digit ISBNs are prefixed with "978" (and the check digit recalculated); as the "978" ISBNs are exhausted, the "979" prefix will be introduced.

Here is an example of ISBN-13 with five digits price add-on:


Generate ISBN-13 Barcode Symbol

To generate an ISBN-13 barcode symbol enter all the 13 digits that should appear on the barcode. (If you know how the hypens should be placed enter them as well).

- ISBN-13 must start with 978 or 979

Example: 9780140150988

- price add-on must include 5 digits:
  • 90000 if no price designated
  • First digit is "5" for $US
  • First digit is "4" for $CAN
  • Last four digits are price * 100
  • use 59999 (or 49999 etc.) for price of $100 or more
  • 90000-98999 for internal use (BISG recommends 90000 if no price designated and 5 digit code not used for internal use)
  • 99000-99999 reserved for industry-wide use.
  • 99990-99999 reserved for Nat'l Ass'n of College Stores (NACS)
  • 99990 = NACS used books
  • 99991 = NACS desk copies