Amazon Services:

  • AMAZON ASIN Lookups (conversion to EAN/UPC/ISBN)
  • EAN, UPC, ISBN Lookups (conversion to ASIN)
  • Batch and bulk submissions for offline processing
  • Product Data: ASIN, ParentASIN, UPC, UPCList, EAN, EANList, Brand, Manufacturer, Title, Product Images, Size, PackageQuantity, FormattedPrice, TotalNew, Features, etc ...
  • Upload format: txt, csv
  • Download format: xls, txt, csv

Barcoding services:

  • UPC / EAN / ISBN series. Pre-calculated number series in Excel format with image links or Amazon marketplace format.
  • Standards-complaint barcode images: EAN-13, UPC-A, ISBN-13, ISBN-13 Price, ITF-14
  • EAN, UPC, ISBN allocation based on company prefix, product catalogue management

Basic subscription:

  • 1 000 items per file
  • 10 000 items per day
  • max 100 000 items per month

USD 29.90 per month

Extended subscription:

  • 5 000 items per file
  • 50 000 items per day
  • max 500 000 items per month

USD 99.90 per month

Bulk processing:

  • high-volume processing
  • custom data retrieval and mapping

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All plans exclude applicable taxes and are billed monthly until cancelled.